Jeep Safari

Perhaps one of the most spectacular ways of experiencing the depths of the Himalayas is through a road journey. The experience allows you to observe the nook and cranny of the altering landscape while being able to cover an extensive area in a short time. You will pass through many graceful villages and many more glorious monasteries along your route, while being able to slow-down and roll down you windows to soak in the wonders of these scattered and isolated valleys.

Ladakh's roads offer a wonderful mix of river crossings, straight roads that go as far as the eyes can see, cliff-hugging bends and extravagant sights. While travelling the Greater Himalayas by road, you will experience the breathtaking and subtle nuances of the Himalayan landscape.

A jeep safari also gives you a chance to see a wide variety of Himalayan flora and fauna, you see vast fields covered with wild flowers including lavender and animals including blue sheep, marmots, red fox, Tibetan antelope, Tibetan gazelle and the Tibetan snow cock to name a few, all set against the constantly changing Himalayan backdrop.

Cultural Tour

A jeep safari gives you the perfect opportunity to undertake a Cultural Tour. We design special tours for those who have the urge to discover the land of Lama, the ancient practices, growth of Tibetian Buddhism, reminiscent of BÖn religion, Buddhist art and the philosophies. We provide you with guides well versed and knowledgeable on the subject and history of Ladakhi and Tibetian culture, religion, art and philosophy. The culture of Ladakh is primarily dominated by religion and the festivals and practices emerge from them. A cultural tour therefore includes methodical visits to old monasteries to present you with a clear and connected story, festivals and the local lifestyle forms another part of it.

We operate on a wide range of routes including Nubra Valley, Zanskar Valley, Changthang, Sham Valley, Rupshu, Kharnak, Stod.


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