At SkyWalker, we take the quintessential Himalayan climbing experience to the highest standards of authenticity and comfort. Walking and climbing the cold and colossal peaks of the Himalayas is a salve for the heart; while you explore the soul of the Himalayas and yourself, we ensure to take care of everything else and provide you with a unique and unparalleled journey.

Our team is comprised of well-informed and experienced adventure seekers and passionate climbers. Each one has developed their skills, both technical and 'of the instinct' and intuition of climbing the remotest of the peaks in the harshest conditions. We design personalized routes and use the highest quality equipment and safety standards in providing our clientele a feel of the legendary Ladakhi hospitality.

Some of the peaks to explore:

Stok Kangri

This 6153m popular peak proudly displays the Himalayan range with an extensive perspective. The highest summit in the Ladakh range, Stok Kangri is a unique blend of high adrenaline and tranquility. The excursion begins from the lush village of Stok, roughly an hour's drive from Leh. The summit offers an overwhelming panoramic view of the Ladakh range, the Karakoram range, the Zanskar range and the Tibetan plateau.
Minimum days required (including trekking) : 6 days
Best time : June - October
Level : Moderate

Kiang Yatse

The Kiang Yatse is the jewel in Markha valley's crown. The imposing peak, which is also the snout of the illustrious Markha can be approached river-in two widely different routes. Kiang Yatse II, the lower western peak with the height of 6000m, is the more easy and non-technical climb, perfect for those freshly discovering mountaineering. Set above the vast Nemaling pastures, it offers a beautiful landscape and spectacle of the entire Markha valley. Kang Yatse I, the eastern peak, on the other hand is a harder and more technical climb requiring specialized expertise. The last 500m of Kiang Yatse I is the core of this technical ascent and is recommended for more experienced mountaineers.
Minimum days required (including trekking): 6 days
Best time: July - October
Level: Hard

Mentok Kangri

Situated in the high arid spell-binding spread of Rupshu Valley, Mentok Kangri (meaning flower (mentok) glacier (kangri)) is a perfect climbing experience for those who want to experience their first summit of a Himalayan peak. The 6,250m peak is inhabited by Changpa nomads. The expedition begins from the mesmerizing Tsokar lake and the trail includes trek and climb through scattered high villages, four high passes, remote valleys and ancient monasteries.
Minimum days required (including trekking): 10 days
Best time: July - September
Level: Hard


Located in the Suru Valley at an elevation of 7135m, Mt. Nun is the highest peak in the Zanskar range. First climbed in 1953 by a French-Swiss-Indian-Sherpa team led by Bernard Pierre and Pierre Vittoz, the expedition to Mt.Nun is now a promising one amongst the Himalayas.
Minimum days required (including trekking): 16 days
Best time: August - September
Level: Very hard


Vastly distinct from the landscape in Zanskar Valley, Lungser is situated in the south-east region of Ladakh in Rupshu Valley. The landscape is dominated by vast spaces, turquoise lakes and glaciated plateaus. A small trek from Markha Valley leads you to the base of this magnificent expedition.
Minimum days required (including trekking): 10 days
Best time: July - September
Level: Hard because of high altitude

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