SkyWalker was founded in the year 1991, by Lobsang Phuntsog Shamshu, who followed his passion and established SkyWalker to continue pursuing his desire to explore the Himalayan landscape, the place where he was born. SkyWalker, has since been the means through which Lobsang endeavors to help travelers and explorers discover the myriad shades of the mighty Himalayas.

From its humble beginning as one of the first trekking and mountaineering enterprises in Leh, SkyWalker operated with just three people at the advent. The company is now one of the premier mountaineering and adventure travel outfits in Leh with eight fulltime management staff and over forty field assistants including guides, porters, horsemen, helpers and drivers.

Over the years, SkyWalker has gained valuable experience in the nuances of conducting the most challenging and beautiful mountaineering, trekking and adventure activities in the Himalayas. In the process, it has discovered several new spaces for exploration and adventure. Time and again, SkyWalker has endeavored to prove itself as one of Leh’s finest adventure and travel service providers.

About SkyWalker
SkyWalker is an expert adventure tour outfit based in Leh-Ladakh, India and specializes in designing bespoke adventure tours for its patrons including trekking, mountaineering, motorbike expeditions, mountain bike expeditions and many other adventure activities through-out the great Himalayas.

Our Philosophy
Ours is an industry that is closely associated with and dependent on the natural environment. In our 25 years of experience, we have been witness to the dire consequences of climate change and global warming on the Himalayan ecosystem. Droughts, heavy rainfall, melting glaciers are only some of the many problems that climate change has spawned. This has fostered in us, a strong realization and awareness of the need for sensitizing and thereby travelling consciously.

Over the years, we have consciously weaved in efforts and practices to fight climate change into our everyday lives, so much so that it has come to define who we are and what we do at SkyWalker.

We believe that local communities can benefit from the tourism industry, and our long-standing relationship with local partners all over Ladakh has helped us ensure that we always give back to the community. Our tour leaders and expedition guides are from the local communities, and through them we understand and ensure that local customs and traditions are protected.

We believe in leaving behind nothing more than our footsteps and taking with us nothing more than the fondest memories. At the end of every season, we conduct a trekking expedition comprising of the SkyWalker team on the busiest trekking routes and carry out a thorough cleaning of these routes.

Our Services
Our team comprises of people from all walks of life who are familiar with every nook and cranny of Ladakh.

We take immense care in training our guides, and conduct extensive sessions on technical guidance and safety. Before each excursion, our guides are elaborately instructed on each route and on the type of group they will be required to guide to ensure that our guides are appropriately selected and suited for the route and the group. We make it a point that our guides are adept at communicating freely with our guests and clients in order to make them comfortable and answer their queries. Many of our guides and staff speak English and some can speak French.

Our prime focus is to ensure that our guests have a comfortable and hassle-free adventure experience. You are our esteemed guest from the moment you arrive at the airport till your safe departure. Sit back and channel your energies into the experience as we take care of everything else for you!


Raku Complex, Fort Road, Leh, Ladakh, J & K, INDIA-194101

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